Speaking with The Agile Revolution Podcast: Agile, DevOps and CloudBees

Written by: Electric Bee
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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of giving a talk at theAgile 2017 conference in Orlando . This morning, an interview I did with The Agile Revolution Podcast at last year's Agile conference just hit! Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are certainly as relevant as ever - check out my brief conversation with Craig Smith below.

The topics of our conversation include:

  • Release It! ” by Michael Nygard

  • We can’t declare victory on Agile, but it is the winning methodology

  • We are now plumbing the last mile of deployment and we also need to move it left

  • Joshua Kerievsky Agile 2016 keynote on “Modern Agile

  • Software process is like human DNA, we are different but essentially the same

  • Gene Gotimer Agile 2016 talk “Experiences Bringing Continuous Delivery to a DoD Project

  • You will fail if you don’t pay attention to the cultural aspects of Agile and DevOps

  • State of DevOps Report

  • Critical to automate everything to eliminate manual process errors and loss of valuable data

  • DevOps is starting to push into complex and regulated environments like finance, health and aerospace with an emphasis on issues like performance and audibility

  • Automation is a great audit trail because it forces you to document what you do and it shows the process

  • James DeLuccia “DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit ” – DevOps and auditing are not enemies (they are actually friends)

  • #c9d9 Continuous Discussions community video podcast

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