SOMOS and CloudBees ‘Tame the Hybrid Beast with DevOps’ at DOES18 London!

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Hybrid Happens

Many organizations are headed towards an enterprise IT crossroads where they need to modernize their mainframes, adopt more agile processes and architectures, like microservices and cloud, and maintain regulatory compliance - all the while removing the impediments to fast and reliable software delivery. Like most organizations, SOMOS, the organization that manages more than 40 million Toll-Free Numbers (TFN) in the U.S. and Canada, didn’t chose to have a hybrid environment – it happened over time. In order to consistently deploy and release applications to both cloud and the mainframe, the company had to change their operations, as well as their culture.
On Monday, June 25 2:20pm BST in Breakout Room D , come see Scrum controller and Release Manager Gary McKay of SOMOS co-present with our own Wesley Pullen , Chief Strategy Officer at CloudBees at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018. McKay and Pullen will review how SOMOS was able to build their own flavor of DevOps that incorporates mainframe, cloud and microservices - and still allows them keep up with customer demands.

Diving Deeper

According to Pullen, SOMOS’ Agile processes were outstripping the capabilities of the other groups and the software delivery pipeline itself. This cadence and skills mismatch meant that product quality suffered, ultimately resulting in higher loads on their Help Desk and negatively impacting the value of Toll Free numbers in general.
Through a process of creating a bridge from a Mainframe to a DevOps culture and providing approved automation as a service, SOMOS was able to unclog their pipeline and accelerate releases. They can now perform releases in about an hour, instead of the 30+ hour weekend marathons it used to take. They have reduced their reliance on third party vendors and have converged their teams, tools, and processes on a “DevOps path” via reusable pipelines. Most importantly, SOMOS can now focus on delivering new features like Texting & Smart Services, enhanced Routing Services and more.
In short, making DevOps a service rather than a job title tamed the hybrid beast and made SOMOS more responsive to customer demands.

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