So, You Want to Orchestrate A-L-L Your Tools, Do Ya?

Written by: Electric Bee
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Software Delivery Tools
We know that your software delivery pipeline is complex, and that it is comprised of A LOT of tools . You probably want to be able to orchestrate all of your tools - across your entire delivery pipeline - with one platform.
This enables you to:

  • Support end-to-end automation of all your workflows

  • Accelerate cycle times

  • Improve infrastructure utilization

  • Centrally manage all software artifacts

  • Gain shared visibility and reporting of your entire release process, across teams and locations.

Challenge accepted!

Watch this short video of a lightning-round product demo I gave at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit. In the demo I show how CloudBees Flow, and it's underlying Orchestration platform, enables you to achieve:

  • End-to-end pipelines that seamlessly orchestrate third-party tools

  • High-level dashboards used to quickly pinpoint problem areas

  • Drill-down capabilities to easily troubleshoot and debug issues.

I use a real use case of one of our customers - Huawei - who wanted to manage their entire pipelines - from JIRA, SCM, Jenkins, Chef, Nagios, a bunch of testing tools and infrastructures - all with one solution.

Watch the video:

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