So, You Think You're Doing DevOps?

Written by: Electric Bee
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CloudBees gathered data from thousands of engineers and IT leaders across three major events – DOES16, Agile 2016 and Appshere 2016 – asking them about their deployment and application release automation practices, and we found some interesting patterns. For example, while many think they are automating most of their releases, the data shows that the majority of deployments are still manual. Very few organizations have fully automated deployments. Keep in mind, just because you’re using a Chef recipe to automate one of your releases, doesn’t mean you’re an automated shop. We also found the top challenges organizations face when using manual deployments instead of automation. Specifically, manual deployments are extremely brittle and error-prone. This creates not only failed deployments, but the loss of hundreds of worker hours trying to troubleshoot those failures. This is certainly painful in mission critical Production environments, but carries great cost, even long before you reach production release. Other challenges include complex application dependencies, troubleshooting deployment failures, and wrangling the environment differences and configuration drift. The bottom line is that many IT departments are still struggling to release software at the rate the business demands. Automation eliminates these challenges and delivers better results. Deployment automation is the linchpin of DevOps success . It allows organizations to drastically cut cycle times, accelerate releases and reduces application backlogs and other bottleneck. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how deployment automation affects your software releases and DevOps Success, and see how you stack up -- and how 'truly-DevOps' you really are: Download the infographic

To learn more about Application Release Automation (ARA) and how it powers your software releases, download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ARA.

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