Setting the Record Right on a News Report by GigaOM

Written by: Harpreet Singh
2 min read
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Today Dotcloud acquired Duostack and was covered in a news article by GigaOm.

The article mentions that “It’s a similar move to what we saw in December, when the newly minted Java-based PaaS CloudBees bought the competitive Stax Networks in order to integrate their technologies into the best-possible Java platform. That move was inspired in large part by Red Hat buying PaaS startup Makara a few weeks earlier and instantly becoming the biggest player in public Java PaaS.”

GigaOm gets some things right and some wrong. CloudBees did acquire Stax Networks. However, it was not a reactive move. The Makara news hit Nov 30th while we were in the final stages of completing our acquisition of Stax Networks. In fact, we were having engineering meetings to discuss our next product steps, post-acquisition, when the news hit.

I would like to take credit for the fact that “CloudBees is awesomely nimble” and have been releasing great software ever so often (read the previous blog by Sacha) – however we are not so super-awesomely nimble that we saw the “Makara” news, turned around and bought another company in the next week as a reaction to market changes. CloudBees does not work by knee-jerk reactions to build it's kick-ass PaaS.

Thought I would take the opportunity to set the record right.

- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management


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