See Agile Run – Continuous Delivery is the Next Destination on the Agile Journey

Written by: Electric Bee
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Starting on July 28 the Agile software community will gather for its 13th annual gathering. Agile2014 , being held in Orlando this year, is not only the biggest Agile event of the year, but a bellwether for how more iterative, modern software delivery approaches are progressing.
Taking a cursory look through this year’s conference program sheds light on prevailing themes that ripple through the software industry. The biggest indicator I see is the increased focus on “enterprise Agile” and, of course –scaling . Agile is on the move, reaching deeper and broader throughout software organizations and large corporate IT departments. How awesome is it to see mature case studies and use cases of major, high-volume and highly distributed Agile transformations on the agenda? This is the result of a collective effort we are all glad to embrace and contribute to.
The other noticeable trend, one that dovetails nicely with the “enterprise scale” story, is the emergence of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. With a dedicated DevOps track now in place (15 sessions), Continuous Delivery is much more visibly present. There will be additional case studies that outline success stories on how Continuous Delivery is extending the value of Agile through automation and process improvement.
The fact of the matter is Agile started a wave, and that wave continues to penetrate deeper into the enterprise. When we think of scale, we think of extending the reach of Agile into new process areas – not just an increased number of seats. We think about the volume of code, and how to leverage automation to move it quicker into production – with all of the compliance and quality that is essential (see General Motors recalls).
We are proud to be a part of the Agile movement. We are excited to be a Silver Sponsor of Agile2014, and to meet and exchange ideas on advancing the overall success of our industry. We look forward to connecting with our Agile partners, including Rally Software, Perforce and Chef, to strengthen relationships that bring joint solutions to valued customers.
Our mission is to help customers “build better software faster.” That’s really what Agile is about. That’s what many of us strive for everyday. At CloudBees, we play a specific and important role in this overarching industry mission. Our focus is end-to-end Continuous Delivery at scale.
Are you attending Agile2014? If so, please stop by and let us know how both your Agile journey and move toward Continuous Delivery are going. We would love to hear your take on Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery – and how we are collectively making a difference.

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