Ruby CI clickstart - automated Jenkins setup so you don't have to.

Written by: Michael Neale
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We have had various tools to do testing and automation of Ruby (native, MRI) apps in CloudBees for a while - but documentation is no fun to read.

So there is now a clickstart which will set up a build and sample repo for you with it Done Right - tests, installation, running locally vs on Jenkins, producing test reports - installing, cleanly, the right version of ruby, etc (we have tools for making that easy - which this shows).

This was achieved by consulting this guy[1] :

Ben (@benwalding ), when he isn't lycra clad riding up a hill and yelling at other people to ride faster, occasionally works on some Ruby apps of ours at CloudBees (we have a few Ruby apps) and maintains the CI setup, test suites and lots of other automation (as well as cussing at browsers and servers and more).

So, I thought it would make sense for him to come up with that is a good template of a Ruby app with CI on Jenkins, and here it is!

You can use this as a starting point, delete what you don't need, but at least it will work from the start and get the subtle things right. It includes PostgreSQL as well, because Ben is an overachiever.

The sample app it tests is very simple, and code can be seen here.
The CI scripts (including installing Ruby, PG as needed) are here.

But all you need to do is CLICK HERE and it will be launched and setup for you.

[1] from:

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