Rollout releases a Continuous Feature Delivery System for Mobile

Written by: Erez Rusovsky
2 min read

I’m delighted to announce that today we are releasing our new product. CloudBees Feature Management gives mobile app developers the ability to selectively deliver new features to subsets of users before deciding if these features are ready to be deployed across all users. CloudBees Feature Management monitors the performance of those features and can make intelligent, data-driven recommendations about further deployment. CloudBees Feature Management lets your mobile dev team build and deploy apps at the speed your business needs, without compromising on safety. By decoupling feature deployment from version releases, you can gradually release new features, measure impact and respond in real-time. All without waiting for your next release. Traditionally, only the very largest app dev teams, with homegrown solutions, have been able to enable selective feature deployment through feature flagging and target groups. CloudBees Feature Management not only goes several steps further by adding automation and intelligent analytics, but these capabilities make life easier for forward thinking mobile dev team, not just those with enormous resources. Importantly, all code is already included in the app at the initial point of download and simply turned on or off for individual users or groups. This allows both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace (support coming soon) to approve all code ahead of time and allows features that are buggy or that do not deliver on business goals to be disabled without the need for hot patching or emergency expedited releases. We starting working on feature flags about 7 months ago and have received very positive feedback from our early access partners. We’re really excited to finally be releasing it to everyone! You can read more on our updated CloudBees Feature Management website, or you can sign-up for a demo right away. Erez Rusovsky CEO and co-founder Eyal Keren CTO and co-founder

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