The Roadblocks to Scaling Agile: Watch Anders Wallgren's Video Interview with InfoQ

Written by: Electric Bee
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At the Agile 2015 Conference this past August, industry experts gathered in Washington, D.C. to discuss the state of the industry and the current bottlenecks facing Agile today.
One of the biggest hurdles large organizations face when scaling Agile is culture . When considering the various workflows and processes in place in a highly-siloed enterprise, it is important to consider the kind of cultural aspects you want to drive and that you want to pay attention to.
Another common bottleneck is the release of the application to end users - the "last mile" if you will. While often the development organization is becoming more and more agile, downstream processes lag behind and hinder supporting agile dev velocity downstream - so that you could get your code into the hands of your customers that much faster.
The increasing influence of the Internet of Things and the added complexity of software delivery pipelines further compound these problems. With multiple pipelines and a growing importance on visibility throughout the release process , organizations are increasingly focusing their efforts on automating their end to end software delivery lifecycle, including all related tools and production deployments. This is an area that will continue to gain visibility as we close the loop to realize Agile throughout the organization.
In a video interview with InfoQ’s Shane Hastie at Agile 2015, CloudBees CTO, Anders Wallgren, shares his perspective on the state of the Agile industry and some of the roadblocks to supporting Agile in large enterprises.
Watch the video here »

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