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Ahoy, Shippers! Today we’re excited to share our new report on mobile CI. To date, there has been little data on how mobile developers are adopting CI. We initiated this study to learn more about Android and iOS app developers, their CI and agile practices, and the shift to the cloud. Some interesting findings include:

  • iOS developers are making twice as many commits as Android developers and adopting the CI model of small, continuous commits.

  • iOS app build times are about twice as fast on average as those for Android.

  • Over the past 18 months, both Android and iOS developers have migrated to Bitbucket from Github. In fact, Bitbucket usage has doubled in just the past 4 months!

  • 66 of developers surveyed are using a cloud-based CI platform, with just 33 using a local/on-premise CI server.

…Plus so much more. READ THE REPORT. Check out our infographic, too.

We couldn’t have compiled this report without you! A big, special thank you to those of you who helped us by answering our survey . Well over 500 of you savvy folks answered a handful of questions about your apps and how you are building them to help make this more awesome.
You may remember we tempted those who took the survey with the promise that one lucky winner would receive an Apple Watch for their insight. We’re happy to announce that Eliott Lee of Braintree is our winner. Congrats! We hope you make lots of apps for it.
Again, we thank you for the support and we wish you continued shipping!
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