Q&A from our Scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery Webinar with Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren

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Last week, Gene Kim ** – co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win and founder of IT Revolution Press and Anders Wallgren** – CTO of CloudBees joined forces for a great webinar on Scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery (you can now watch the on-demand replay ).
We had a great turnout with lots of conversation – our informal video-chat moderated discussion surfaced some great information around the advantages and disadvantages that large (or small) organizations have when pursuing DevOps; the best ways to start the DevOps journey; and ‘gotchas’ to look out for.

We also got a large number of questions for our speakers. We didn’t have time to answer all of them during the webinar, so we thought we’d try to answer a few others, below.
QWhat is the difference between Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment?
Continuous Deployment is where green builds automatically flow into the production environment, and Continuous Delivery requires at least one manual approval step.
QHow do you address the concerns about too much change to quick?
During the webinar, Anders discussed approaching your transformation in an Agile way… have a burn-down list, and attack the most impactful things first (but remember, whatever you do should be measurable!). Often, that includes automating manual activities to free up time and create more predictability.
QHow to motivate an organization that is sort of old fashioned to adopt a DevOps approach?
I think Gene answered this question best with the quote from Dr. Deming - “Change is not mandatory, but neither is survival.” In the webinar we ask the question “do you have to hit rock bottom before you start your transformation…” find out what the answer is at 45:21…
Q Is DevOps really all about moving faster from Code Complete to Deployment or does it reach into Design/Development itself?
Great question – we think that DevOps culture is at its best when everybody in the value delivery chain is collaborating. You can read a great article in Wired about UI/UX teams, and how they contribute to and benefit from a DevOps culture as well.
Q For UI based application, should we automate all UI Validation, Field Validation and all the combinations of functionality?
Yes, over time. Working to automate the hardest and most error-prone parts of your process will enable you to spend time working on developing great code, not manually testing the great code you’ve developed.
Q What was the email address Gene showed earlier w.r.t “Phoenix” materials?
You can send an email to realgenekim@SendYourSlides.com with the subject line of “devops” and receive the materials you seek!
Q What would you suggest for someone wanting to break into the "DevOps" field/world? Is it learning tools? Learning Unix/Linux? What would be your step 1?
A good first step is to search out knowledge. Join a meetup group on DevOps. Be inquisitive. Watch videos from practitioners and experts like Gene. Also, watch keynotes from industry conferences (like DOES and others) to see and hear the opinions on how this market is changing. Read. A lot. Subscribe to blogs and follow Twitter users who have opinions and experiment or talk about different technologies so you can learn from them.
Another great resource is Gene’s book “The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win. ” What I find so great about this book is that it isn’t presented as a bunch of boring “theory” – it’s structured as a story, so you want to continue reading and as you progress through the book you realize you are learning as a byproduct of that.
QWhat are the fundamental steps to start your DevOps initiative? Principles and Practices?
Great question – and answered later in the webinar! Check out the discussion at 31:55 to hear what Anders and Gene have to say on the topic.
//Some other great resources that Gene mentioned:

If you want to see what you've missed on last week's event, watch the replay of the webinar.

As we mentioned on the webinar, we work closely with Gene on DevOpsEnterprise summit .
At our sold-out DOES 2014 conference we heard great insights from companies like Target, Capital One, Ticket controller, and Disney. This year, we expect an equally amazing set of speakers, and are doubling our capacity to make sure more of you can join. If you want to join us, ACT FAST– the first 30 to use the code GENEKIM10 will get 10 off your registration !

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