Q & A from the Custom Runtimes on CloudBees webinar

Written by: Harpreet Singh
2 min read
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Today, I presented the Custom Runtimes on CloudBees webinar, where I talked about creating your own ClickStacks and ClickStarts.

The source for the sample application is available here .

Here are the questions with their answers:

Q & A

Q) What version of Play 2 do you currently support and what is your deployment policy for new versions?

A) The ClickStack for Play 2 is fairly clever :-). It expects you to deploy a payload created by the play dist command. Play dist is the recommended way of taking your application to production. Play dist creates a self contained package of all required binaries. The ClickStack then starts the Netty server bundled in the application package.

Thus, CloudBees support whatever version of Play 2 you have used to bundle your distribution.

Q) Will you integrate SVN Bugzilla requirements management and tracking?

A) Our current roadmap does not have Bugzilla as a service. If you do use Bugzilla, you can use the Bugzilla plugin from Jenkins to connect to it.

Q) Will you support testcases in Selenium?

A) CloudBees partners with SauceLabs which provides Selenium in the cloud. They are an integrated partner. More information here and a webinar here .

- Harpreet Singh

Senior director, product management

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