Put a Bow on it: Extend CloudBees Flow with Dashing Dashboards

Written by: Electric Bee
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From the basics of fostering collaboration and team-work in Agile development, all the way to providing visibility to the business on how the next release is shaping up -- shared visibility into your development process is important. When you're part of a team developing software, or part of a business that provides software - you always want to know what's going on.
While CloudBees Flow comes with a set of extensive drill-down reports to provide our customers with data on their entire end-to-end process; sometimes - as a developer - you prefer something a bit more concise . And pretty.
Here’s a dashboard we have set up for my engineering team at CloudBees. It is displayed on a large TV screen on the Engineering floor at our office -- so everyone can bask in our data :)

The dashboard includes customized widgets that pull data off my team's CloudBees Flow instance, providing visibility into various metrics or events in our development process: our JIRA progress, build success, the health of our CI servers, and more (plus, we have some tweets showing in the background for entertainment).
Not only does everyone knows what's up (or down), the dashboard has proven extremely helpful when we need to quickly take action to resolve issues, such as a failed build or server downtime.

The dashboard is created using Dashing - an open source framework that enables you to build engaging dashboards with customizable widgets that connect to any application .
If you are using CloudBees Flow, check out this how-to article to learn how you can easily create a fancy dashboard to report on your development process.
Also, I talked about our Dashing extension in my lightning talk at our recent DevOps Enterprise Summit . Watch the short video to learn more about Dashing and how you can visualize and monitor data from different applications with Dashing widgets.
Watch the video replay:

Hope you find this helpful and that you’ll get to use your own cool dashboard, like we do here at EC! Feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments.

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