Procfile support: sneak peek (with google go demo)

So a tiny little side project I have worked on is to provide an adapter between Procfile (which Heroku uses) and ClickStacks:

This is currently in my personal github until I get more feedback and time to polish it. 

This works by looking in the procfile for the web process, and then telling the genapp/clickstack framework what to launch.

Environment variables are provided to the process (eg PORT, and any others you set via bees config:set).

NOTE: Dependencies are only what is provided either by your app, or already on the platform (currently I don’t think Ruby is on the platform, yet) - so it is is very much “bring your own dependencies”.

The example app (included) here is “Google Go” - which is statically compiled - and thus easy to host. This also works for anything else that has its dependencies satisfied (but it is very simple).

For JVM users: note you will, in your start, need to set your PATH to include /opt/java6 (or 7) etc for the JVM to be found at this stage (Procfile cares not for JVMs !).

How to use:


  1. Clone the above repo
  2. cd into the cloned project
  3. Run the following:

And you are running “Google Go” via Procfile.
Unzip the sample project to see the sample procfile.

This procfile sample was pinched from