Pfizer and Jenkins DEV@cloud - deploying drupal web properties

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read

Dave Hall and Tim Holt did a talk recently about their work with Pfizer on developing their Drupal web workflow.

Pfizer has many web properties - and like all pharmaceuticals is heavily regulated in what it publishes (and how it is approved). Jenkins (running on CloudBees DEV@cloud) is the engine they use to control deployment of content and code.

What stuck out for me was the traditional flow of data in CMS (and in fact, really, any website that has a database behind it of some kind):

Code goes up (deployed to prod) - but content changes, data changes, happen in prod, and occasionally, if you are lucky, flow down to staging/dev environments.

What they wanted - was a way for both content and code changes (with Drupal - sometimes they are intertwined) to flow up - piece by piece (so they could choose to promote just one piece, quickly, if needed), and you get something that looks like this:

Each job can contain code AND content, but it flows upwards, to production.

This is what they achieved with Drupal WF Tools and Jenkins.

The presentation slides are here .

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