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Written by: Electric Bee
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We just finished our annual summit a couple of weeks ago. And it was a great opportunity to see our customers & prospects, talk to them about how they are using our solutions today and discuss their visions for the future.
While I cannot discuss all the details due to confidentiality concerns, I thought I should share some tidbits of interesting information from the summit.
Here's what some of our customers told us about how they are using CloudBees solutions:

  • "CloudBees is used by over 50,000 developers and we have achieved over 5 million build and test tasks in the last couple of years" Fortune 50 IT shop

  • "With CloudBees we have achieved a 90 reduction in our software build times" Top 5 large industrial manufacturer

  • "Using CloudBees, we are architecting a solution to support 15000+ developers"Top 3 network equipment vendor

  • "We run over 380,000 CloudBees tasks a month and it works without skipping a beat" Leading mobile chipset vendor

  • "Our application deployments are completely automated now and we have reduced deployment times from 150 minutes to under 50 minutes" Automotive market software vendor

  • "We have reduced our application delivery times from 3 months to 30 minutes" Top 50 consumer portal

Anyway one analyzes this, the results that CloudBees provides to its customers are just outstanding. We are thrilled to serve some of the world's top brand name customers with real and measurable benefits.
Would you like to be counted as one of them? Give us a call.

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