Operations: “On DevOps Tooling”

Written by: Electric Bee
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In DevOps, system-level thinking is important. But too often Operations teams are on the receiving end of what feels like an unstoppable torrent of new application releases with architecture changes, new tool integration and capacity constraints. Clearly there is room for teams to coordinate the handoff of work in a more efficient and effective manner.
In my last post I shared some of the things that Developers think about... In this article, let’s take a look at some of the things Operations teams are thinking about.

1Enabling “BYO*” for Developers

Ops want to enable Dev teams to continue to “Bring Your Own” stacks, tools, technology, and process while still providing security and governance.

2Maintaining Continuous Uptime

Ops teams want to know that any deployments they plan to run in production has been rehearsed, successfully, many, many times. Many times.

3Identifying dependencies

Ops teams need to understand application dependencies to safely deploy them in the right order, across any number of environments.****

4Knowing what’s where, and why

Ops teams need to understand what applications are running where, how they got there, and who approved them – without scraping logs, searching emails, or consulting a (likely out of date!) spreadsheet.

Can operations teams be wildly successful without these things? Maybe. Are they more likely to be successful if they have them? Absolutely! Provide teams choice, safety and visibility and you’ll help unlock their ability to “ship!”

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