An official Jenkins (LTS) image on Docker Hub

Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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The docker hub provides some "official " images for popular apps and servers - things like Redis, Mysql, and OSes like Ubuntu and more.

These official images are built by a docker hosted system called "stackbrew" - all builds are subject to approval, but the benefit is that the image is marked as "official" and shows up in searches and user should be able to feel they can trust an official image.

I am happy to say that there is now an official Jenkins image (they call them repositories):

A top level name is also provided:

docker run -p 8080:8080 jenkins

-> this will give you a running LTS jenkins container from this official image.

This is LTS as the Jenkins non LTS release process is very very frequent - whereas the official "stackbrew" process requires some approval step.

Read on .

Note - you can also specify the specific LTS version when running:

docker run jenkins:1.554.3

Or even the just major version (which will get the latest version of that):

docker run jenkins:1.554

(run docker pull to ensure you are getting the latest). At this time - only 1.554.3 is available, but it is planned that all future versions will be added there (keeping past versions from this one onwards).

This can provide an easy for for people to get started with Jenkins in a container, as this is rapidly becoming a novel way to distribute server software (all you need installed is docker).

The github repo for the source for this is here - this is simply the LTS Jenkins running in Ubuntu (with some small tweaks to ensure agents can be attached, and some included development tools).

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