New app framework popularity report - Rick Astley wouldn't give this up

Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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So, we keep metrics on things. LOTS of things. Probably all the things.
And then there is metrics of metrics. We use lots of analytics services - probably all of them.

With the ClickStarts (the one click way to get started) we track interest in them (starts, completions etc), so I thought it would be interesting to share a summary of the last months activity.

These show interest in trying out frameworks for *new* apps only (typically new users too) - so in some ways it is a bit of a leading indicator of popularity. Of course, there are new clickstarts and frameworks introduced all the time , but it is fun to take a look at what is popular over the short term:

You can see Play2 is very very popular - and it hasn't really been around for that long. EE6 is holding strong, and then there is a bit of a long tail. There are some notable late additions climbing the charts: Node.js and Netflix Asgard (!) - maybe due to the Christmas Eve outage of Netflix people thought they would build their own mini Netflix over the holidays???? Hibernate and Tomcat, like a trusty pair of well worn cuttoff jeans, keeps in there too.

We asked Rick Astley what his number one framework was, and he was a bit vague:

Uh, thanks Rick. Love your work.

I hope to bring more analysis over time - when we have been collecting more for longer. It does take time to distill the trends out, and as frameworks are a moving target, it is hard to make too many conclusions from this - but I thought it would be interesting to you (will post some more next month, which will no doubt contain more clickstarts and frameworks)

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