My First 6 Months as CEO of an Industry Leader

Written by: Electric Bee
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I’ve just returned from meetings with several of our new customers – it’s exciting to see so many enterprises choosing CloudBees as their Digital Transformation partner. And it’s even more exciting when these partnerships support a strategic, “big bet” on DevOps! With a slew of recent seven-figure customer transactions, we’ve seen growth accelerate as new business grew over220% year over year . We’re cash flow positive which allows us to control our own destiny and continue to invest and build on our rich 16 years of product leadership to date. Perhaps best of all, we’re seeing over 100% net customer retention signaling strong customer satisfaction and expansion. We’re fortunate to be partnering with market leading customers including E*Trade, TIAA, Intel, Aurea, Citrix, Epic Games, Fujitsu, Nutanix, Phillip Morris, Raytheon, and Zebra Technologies. While it’s great to have analysts like Gartner and Forrester recognizing CloudBees Flow us a leader in Application Release Automation (ARA) – at the end of the day, nothing beats getting this vote of confidence directly from our customers. This is the most satisfying, most humbling part of the job. It’s what drives our business, and what drives us to continue to excel and deliver the best DevOps platform on the market.

Simplifying DevOps Transformations for Any Enterprise

The pace of software innovation equates to market success these days, and so releasing high-quality software, securely and efficiently, is a critical need for everyone. You can’t release faster without investing in DevOps, and ARA capabilities are the most critical to any DevOps transformation. There are a lot of ways to do ARA. Speaking with our new customers about why they chose CloudBees Flow to enable their releases, it was gratifying to hear that our unique approach of Adaptive Release Automation is what sets us apart. Customers are choosing us because we uniquely provide:

  • A solution that allows them to implement fast and adapt to their changing environment easily – including support for new technologies like microservices and serverless.

  • Unprecedented, actionable insight into the health and status of enterprise releases, without requiring manual data collection and analysis.

  • A solution that will reliably scale with them as they roll out their DevOps processes across the entire organization.

These make CloudBees the defacto standard for DevOps in the Enterprise. Our recipe for winning is pretty simple: build great products and align with our customers to achieve their transformational business outcomes. We’re honored to have been chosen by so many industry leading companies to be part of this journey to deliver even more software innovation – faster, better, safer, and at scale. Our users trust us with their core business - and we’re here to deliver! Continuously!

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