Meet the Bees: Sunil Mavadia

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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There’s Always Strength in Inclusivity

Meet Sunil Mavadia, Director, Enterprise technical architecture 

When Sunil Mavadia came to us in 2019 after the company he was working for – Electric Cloud – was acquired by CloudBees, he had no trouble embracing his new home. "Even though my company got acquired, I couldn’t be happier working at CloudBees,” Sunil says. "We became part of the hive by default, which is great. I love the culture and I love the people I work with.” 

It turns out the acquisition was a big plus for both sides, says Sunil, who is now Director, Enterprise technical architecture at CloudBees. "When I first started, there were a lot of people at CloudBees who wanted to help me out and figure things out together. I was bringing in new technology and CloudBees asked me how they could embrace it and spread the word about us.” 

Today, there’s no question that integrating the new solutions has sharpened CloudBees competitive edge. "We have products that now accommodate the full range of the SDLC, from software planning all the way through to post operations,” Sunil says. "That’s your full software delivery factory. That’s the message that I think a lot of our competition is very envious of.”

As a key technical resource for CloudBees’ partner channel and alliances team, Sunil is constantly working to build stronger relationships with customers. "Without our customers, we wouldn’t be here,” he says. "Fostering the relationship with the customer starts from day one. We have a very solid customer engagement model that I love. They can simply call us at any time.” Indeed, hardly a day goes by that one of Sunil’s customers doesn’t reach out to him personally for help. "I always tell them to just hop on a call with me and we’ll get it done,” he says.

When asked where his customer engagement skills come from, Sunil points to his diverse life experiences and inclusive mindset. "CloudBees is a global company and we all need to be global citizens,” he says. "My background – being born in Africa speaking multiple languages and embracing diverse cultures – helped me springboard not only my career, but my relationships with customers across the globe.” 

Fostering relationships starts with compassion and understanding, Sunil says. And being fluent in eight languages helps ease the conversation with customers when you’re sitting across from people that either don’t understand you, or have trouble understanding English. 

As someone who has been involved in diversity initiatives from day one, Sunil says inclusion is an important piece of the whole puzzle. "Inclusivity is huge because it covers such a breadth of things. It’s not just about race, religion, gender identity, color. It includes culture, it includes language, it includes technology as well. At the end of the day, you must blend things together. That’s what inclusivity is. To always be aware and accept people for who they are.” 

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