Meet the Bees: Meda Psibilskyte

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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Conquering a New Career

Meet Meda Psibilskyte, account executive in Germany

For Meda Psibilskyte, working in tech was never part of her career plans. "I studied politics in college, so ending up in tech was quite a jump,” she says. "But after graduating, I knew I needed to find a job and after looking into tech I thought, ‘well, I don’t know much about tech, but it could be really interesting!’”

Now, as a CloudBees account executive overseeing Germany, Meda is working with subjects and technologies that were once unfamiliar to her. "I never expected to end up here,” she says. "I was studying political theory and now I’m talking to people about DevOps – something I had no idea even existed three years ago.” In her day-to-day job, Meda is focused on helping existing and potential new clients to define existing challenges within their software development process, as well as finding a potential solution which could aid in solving them.

Meda says her perception of technology changed dramatically after joining CloudBees. "I soon realized that every company is a technology company,” she says. "So many businesses rely on software for stability.” 

At CloudBees, Meda appreciates the opportunities she’s had to learn new things. It reminds her of her time growing up, when she loved to try different sports and activities, like debate society. "There were so many things I would do because of my desire to learn even just a bit of something, so no matter who I talk to, there’s something in common,” she says. 

What helps in this learning process at CloudBees, Meda says, is her team’s willingness to take her under their wing. For someone with no prior knowledge of technology, Meda faced a steep learning curve. Having to learn – let alone use – terms and definitions she’d never heard before took a lot of practice, she says. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of her team. "I had to ask what every second word was and relied on a lot of people to answer questions I find very silly now. I hoped they didn’t judge me, and it turns out I was right,” she says. Meda says things would’ve been much harder if her team wasn’t as open to helping her out. 

In her three years at CloudBees, Meda has worked in three different positions, a rewarding journey she credits to her peers lending a helping hand. "CloudBees is genuinely a space which offers you a lot of growing opportunities. It challenges you at times and you’ll question whether you can do it. But just know if you’re having trouble, you’re not alone. You’ll always have support.” 

Although her team has gone through many changes, Meda says it’s reassuring to know that one thing has stayed constant: an ongoing community of supportive Bees. "A lot of people have changed over the years at CloudBees, but one of the things we somehow manage to keep is genuinely nice people.”

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