Loving Your Pipeline’s Middle Child: 60X Test Acceleration

Written by: Electric Bee
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You’ve tuned CloudBees Accelerator for maximum performance by having enough agents and using JobCache . Builds are happening at a fraction of the time on fewer resources. Everyone’s happy with time to market, right? Well, maybe not. There’s that middle child of your pipeline: the QA cycle. Hundreds to thousands of tests that need to run for each iteration. Cycle times up to 24 hours. Environment drift causing suspect results. Broken tests that need debugging. Sacrificing tests for speed, only to have post-release fire drills. The whole stage takes longer than it should. Waste and drudgery have been shifted right. Since the spirit of DevOps is about continuous improvement, let’s take a look at how we can expand CloudBees Accelerator into the testing stage to eliminate these common QA issues and speed tests as much as 60X.

Test Automation & Orchestration – A Great Start

Test automation tools are great for eliminating errors, manual hand-offs and wait times. Intel, a long time CloudBees customer, has been using CloudBees Flow for test orchestration to increase their releases fivefold per year and execute over 20,000 tests per day. Yet with automation and orchestration, our customers tell us a large chunk of their daily test cycles, like static code analysis, Selenium testing, and unit testing, still take way too long to complete. So much for releasing on business demand.

How Can CloudBees Accelerator Shorten My Test Cycle?

Many test suites have structural similarities to common Accelerator builds:

  • Lots of individual tasks (test cases)

  • Few (or no) dependencies between tasks

  • Individual tests or small groups of tests can be invoked independently

That makes it easy for CloudBees Accelerator to speed up the test cycle. We’ve created a new mode specifically for test acceleration where each job is treated as if it is the first and only job to run. Now, through parallelization, your test cycle is only as long as your longest test. Another benefit is that CloudBees Accelerator, at the end of each test job, automatically resets environments and the file system to its original condition and removes any temporary files that may have been created. Now you can rest assured that all your tests are running on a pristine environment – eliminating a common source of broken tests or unreliable results or having to reboot your VM’s before running each test suite.

Would you like to speed your tests by as much as 60X?

If you would like to have even faster time to market, increase your daily iterations, run more tests, spend more time on creative work, or all of the above, we have a simple quiz for you to take to see if CloudBees Accelerator can help. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to study for this quiz)

  • Are your unit tests/static code analysis/Selenium tests too long?

  • Can your tests be run one at a time (independently)?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, CloudBees Accelerator can help you shorten your test cycle and get your developers back to creating value. Register here for a demo and your Customer Success Manager will be in touch to help you shorten your test cycle.

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