Lifting the Fog: DevOps Performance Management with CloudBees DevOptics

Written by: Alex Tacho
2 min read

DevOps has proven to be critical in supporting the goal of delivering software with ever improving quality and pace. But organizations today have no way of knowing if they are applying continuous delivery (CD) and other DevOps best practices to accomplish the outcome they want.

But a thick fog masks visibility into key performance metrics and awareness of your software delivery process and automation efficiency. How can you instrument these metrics? How do you understand which initiatives have impact and why? How do you know where to focus your attention and resources to increase the value being delivered, and improve the efficiency of software delivery across the organization?

CloudBees DevOptics lets you map and visualize your value streams to show you how your work flows through the system and to identify bottlenecks and areas that need improvement. Additionally, it gives you the visibility into the key performance metrics around throughput and stability based on your value stream.

But CloudBees DevOptics doesn’t stop there. CD tooling and the CD automation infrastructure play a critical role in the DevOps transformation. Being able to monitor and optimize your CD platform by reducing waste is also crucial to improve your software delivery.

At DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018, there will be a session showing you the capabilities of CloudBees DevOptics. We will discuss how to map value streams, how to get visibility into their performance and how to use CD platform monitoring to improve your Jenkins CD infrastructure.

Join me at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 in San Francisco and lift the fog of your DevOps performance. Register now and get 20% off using the code JWATACHO .

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