Liferay, Red Hat Join as Sponsors for Jenkins User Conference

Greetings Jenkins Users!
Things are coming together nicely for the Jenkins User Conference (JUC) that will be
held on October 2, which is the day before the start of the JavaOne conference in San
Francisco. I am excited about the value of this conference for the Jenkins
Community. It will bring together Jenkins users from all over the world and will be a
great forum for all of us to share best practices, tips ‘n tricks, and other expertise -
all with Jenkins as the common denominator.
As the conference takes shape, I am extremely excited about two additional
sponsors who have stepped up to join CloudBees in sponsoring JUC. They are:
Liferay and Red Hat.

Liferay is one of the most popular open source Java based portals in the market.
They have a huge developer community and user community. Liferay makes
extensive use of Jenkins as their development platform. Expect to see a session from
them describing their use-case and the lessons they have learned in setting up their
Jenkins environment.
You can read about Liferay’s Jenkins environment on one of Brian Chan’s blogs.
Liferay runs about 800 backend and 200 Selenium tests on every commit (you need
an account on their system to view it). For Liferay users, here is another blog that
lists how to run Liferay jobs on Jenkins.
As an aside, not many know that Paul Hinz, CMO of Liferay, was at Sun Microsystems
and was a pivotal decision maker in funding Kohsuke’s hobby project called Hudson.
Paul was also pivotal in releasing Hudson as a product within the now defunct
GlassFish Portfolio, which I worked on. Considering the legacy Paul has with Hudson
- and by default, Jenkins - we should all feel honored to have Paul and Liferay
support JUC!
The third sponsor that has stepped forward is Red Hat. What can I say about Red
Hat - is there anyone who doesn’t know them? Red Hat has been running
Jenkins/Hudson for years and has made their Jenkins QA page publicly visible. A
funny personal note is that when I worked at Sun and was managing marketing for
the Glassfish Portfolio, I used to show this page to potential Hudson clients and
mention that Redhat JBoss uses GlassFish Portfolio :). Sometimes it’s a small world
- especially in the development space - competitors become friends and friends
become competitors! Along with CloudBees and Liferay, it feels really great to see
Red Hat endorse JUC, as well.
However, what is most exciting for me is that these two companies are leaders in
their respective markets and are also hard-core users of Jenkins. To have the
established user community endorse JUC - and actively participate in it - is
Watch the JUC page. Over the next few weeks as we fill in session content and round
out the agenda, there will be lots of new information posted. More sponsors are in
the works and we have some other exciting plans for you!
So if you haven’t already, be sure to register for JUC. Thanks to sponsors such as
CloudBees, Liferay, and Red Hat, it is FREE!
See you at JUC!


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Thanks Harpreet. I am excited to attend JUC. Having used Jenkins and Liferay, this seems exciting. Hope to see you there.<br /><br />Viren

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