Justification Letter for DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
1 min read
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Can you believe that DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 is only three weeks away?

Registrations are streaming in and it is already looking to be the biggest DevOps World | Jenkins World conference yet!

Our goal is to get YOU there. In case you need some additional support to justify the trip to San Francisco, we thought we'd provide a letter you can give to your manager. All you have to do is substitute the relevant information in red (below) with your specific content. So sit down with the DevOps World | Jenkins World agenda and map out your conference plans. Then fill in the blanks below, and you'll have all the info you need to convince your manager! 

See you in San Francisco!

P.S. Use the code BUTLER when you register and get 20% off your registration. That should also help you to build your case! 


Dear <Manager’s Name> ,

I would like to attend DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 : September 16-19 in San Francisco. I have reviewed the conference agenda, as well as the list of exhibiting companies and feel the return on investment would be a major benefit for our IT organization. The event aligns directly to the following priorities for our <team or department> :

  • <Priority 1> [insert your priorities in this list]
  • <Priority 2>
  • <Priority 3>

It’s a very good value for the level of DevOps and Jenkins education provided. Over the course of four days, I’ll have access to:

  • 70+ educational sessions, given by DevOps leaders and Jenkins experts.
  • Keynote presentations covering the latest DevOps and Jenkins trends, by recognized industry experts such as Nicole Forsgren, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Sacha Labourey and Christina Noren.
  • ~20 hours of ready access to the leading vendors in the software industry .
  • Four days of networking opportunities with DevOps leaders and Jenkins experts.
  • A FREE Jenkins certification exam ($150 value) with the purchase of a full conference registration .

I am seeking approval for the registration fee and travel expenditures. The full conference price is $1,199. Here is a complete breakdown of the total conference costs:

  • Conference registration: $960
    (I have a special discount code (BUTLER) that will discount my registration by 20%, bringing the cost down to $960.)
  • Add-on workshops and training: <$XXX>
  • Airfare: <$XXX>
  • Transportation: <$XXX>
  • Hotel: <$XXX>
  • Meals: <$XXX>
    (Breakfast, lunch, evening receptions included in the conference registration fee)
  • TOTAL : <$XXXX>

There are a number of strategic and tactical how-to presentations on ways to transform software delivery to a DevOps culture, as well as how to automate and optimize software pipeline processes. A few of the presentations that I plan to attend include:

  • <List Session #1 Here>
  • <List Session #2 Here>
  • <List Session #3 Here>

I have also reviewed the exhibitor list and there are a number of vendors participating that I have been wanting to investigate, for potential future use across our <team/department> . In addition to the exhibit showcase and product demonstrations, I plan on scheduling vendor briefings onsite with <Vendor A, Vendor B, Vendor C> .

I’ll also be able to build new business relationships and share best practices with other attendees who may potentially be facing the same software delivery challenges that we run into. Even better - they may have already solved those challenges, in which case I can jumpstart solving the same issues for us. This event has user/case study presentations given by other Jenkins users on topics relevant to our priorities, including <Topic A, Topic B, Topic C> .

Other team members in our organization will also be able to benefit from my attending DevOps World | Jenkins World, as I will meet with the team when I return to summarize my learnings, recommendations, action items for us to consider and will circulate a trip report.

Note: There is a group discount (5+ people, must register at the same time) available for the whole team to attend. For five or more registrations, we save $100 on each pass - and get the equivalent number of opportunities for our team to take a Jenkins certification exam.

Please accept this proposal to attend, as I’m confident <insert your company name> will benefit from this investment.

Thank you for your consideration,

<Your standard close,>



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