Java EE6 in the Cloud, in Production, Today

Written by: Steve Harris
2 min read
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Java EE 6 has made tremendous progress in simplifying web application development. Still, deployment and management of production Java EE applications remains complicated. CloudBeesoffers tremendous improvements in this domain - to the point where deploying and managing Java EE applications on CloudBees' PaaScan be easier than building a HelloWorldJava EE application.

Over the next 15 months or so, EE7 will push the base Java platform forward to address needed capabilities and interoperability in the cloud. But why wait? CloudBees now offers you a way to experience the future of cloud-based Java enterprise development and deployment today. In production. Fully supported. What does it mean for you?

  • You are only one upload away from taking an existing EE6 Web Profile based application and having it running in production, with high-availability and auto-scaling already baked in. EE6 also ensures your existing EE5 web apps will work, too.

  • With tools like New Relic already pre-integrated, you can take immediate advantage of the CloudBees ecosystem to better understand your application's performance characteristics.

  • You no longer have to manage or run MySQL instances on your own infrastructure or deal with MySQL AMIs. CloudBees offers 1-click setup for MySQL in the cloud.

  • You can get a head-start with NoSQL using CouchDB in the cloud, available as part of CloudBees ecosystem.

And because you’re building on the Java EE 6 platform, you know that your investments are protected, with more vendor choice and improved interoperability in the future. If you’re already signed up and using CloudBees DEV@cloud service and developing using JBoss AS7, then you really have no excuse not to try it out.

- Steve Harris, Senior VP of Products

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