Integrating DevOps value into business goals

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Enterprise organizations have been undergoing digital transformations for years and with many of them largely complete, the next question is ‘now what?’ The IDC Spotlight, sponsored by CloudBees, The Evolution from Digital Transformation to the Digital Business Era (doc #US49581422, August 2022) shows that with these stronger digital foundations in place, organizations are now working to build the link between technology innovation and business outcomes.

When IDC asked technology professionals about the role their DevOps teams play in driving business value, there was a rising expectation that the teams would increasingly generate higher business returns. In fact, by 2026, these enterprises are expecting to derive over a quarter of their revenue from digital offerings. We too are seeing that businesses are focused less on targeted IT goals and more on how meeting those goals is helping to achieve overall business aims.

Getting clear on the why and the how

As businesses seek more value delivered from their software delivery teams, there needs to be better alignment. According to IDC, to achieve this, “technology teams need visibility into their operations and strong collaboration with the business to connect software delivery to business outcomes.” This can be achieved with value stream management which allows organizations end-to-end analysis of the flow of value. In turn, value delivery can be optimized and establish a clear connection between software delivery and business outcomes. 

Automation tools also pay dividends over the lifecycle of your software delivery pipeline. They minimize time-consuming admin work on the part of developers and allow them to easily analyze the process to identify and remedy problem points in releases. Progressive delivery capabilities also encourage innovation by providing more feedback and flexibility in testing new features to find the most lucrative ones. By investing in tools that increase visibility and productivity, software delivery teams will be equipped to deliver higher business value.

Spend smarter, not more

When businesses focus on growing revenue, one route they frequently take to cut costs is developing more processes in-house. Arguably what they really need are partners who can help them navigate the recurring buy-versus-build question. More often than not, companies can benefit from release orchestration (RO) tools that play nicely with existing technology. RO gives organizations the beginning of a platform that they can then build upon. This allows them to focus on creating new apps to drive customer value, rather than spending valuable developer-dollars building the time-consuming security measures from the ground up. 

IDC predicts that enterprise organizations that successfully link digital innovation to business outcomes can substantially boost their revenue and longevity. Read the full IDC Spotlight to see their detailed recommendations on how to get there. You’ll learn how to derive more business value from DevOps teams, the characteristics of mature digital innovators, and industry trends to keep in mind. You’ll also see how software delivery platforms like CloudBees that enable automation, value stream management, and transparency are worth the investment by helping you derive more value quickly and efficiently.

Access the IDC Spotlight now to explore how to take the next step in your digital transformation.

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