How Salesforce, Raytheon, ING and Capital One do DevOps? Watch the replay of the latest video chat with Gene Kim and the #DOES15 speakers

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Today we had another one of our great video chats with Gene Kim and the DOES15 Speakers, as we gear up for DevOps Enterprise Summit this October.
Watch the replay of the video below to learn how some of the largest enterprises in the world are addressing the biggest challenges facing the DevOps community: from fostering a DevOps culture and leading the transformation, automated testing of legacy applications, security and auditing requirements, what metrics matter, and more.

This live event features these speakers from DevOps Enterprise Summit:

J. Paul Reed | Director of Site Reliability Services/Principal Consultant, Salesforce
Attend Paul's talk at DOES15: The Blameless Cloud: Bringing Actionable Retrospectives to Salesforce

Kris Buytaert | CTO @
Attend Kris' talk at DOES15: Turning Around the Containership

Michael W. Smith | Technical Director, Hardware & Infrastructure, Raytheon Software
Attend Michael's talk at DOES15: Melting the Glacier: Introducing DevOps to a Federal Systems Integrator

Tapabrata Pal | Product Manager, Capital One
Attend Tapabrata's talk at DOES15: Shortening the Feedback Loop: DevOps Dashboard

Anders Wallgren | Chief Technology Officer, CloudBees
Attend Anders’ talk at DOES15: Continuous Delivery of Microservices: Patterns and Processes , and a panel discussion with Gary Grver, Jez Humble and others on DevOps and Continuous Delivery for Embedded and IoT.

Our next live video chat will air 9/15 - Join us to learn howIntel, HP, E*Trade, CenturyLink and Bose Automate ALL the Things!
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