How to Automate ALL The Things? Watch the Next Video Chat with the #DOES15 Speakers to Find Out

Written by: Electric Bee
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As we're gearing up for DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15) happening this October, we have been hosting several video chats to discuss some of the most pressing issues that large enterprises (the ‘horses’) face when implementing DevOps to transform the way they are delivering valuable software to their users.
For over a decade, CloudBees has been helping these horses deliver better software faster in some of the biggest, most complex environments in the world.
This year, several of our customers have also been selected to speak at DOES15 – and we don’t want to wait until October to talk to them – so we are doing another Video Chat !
This time, we’ll put a special focus on automation and how it is helping teams improve delivery cycle time, reduce risk, and stay ahead of the competition.
Join Anders Wallgren, myself, and speakers from E*TRADE , Bose , CenturyLink and HP on Tuesday, September 15, at 10am PDT where we will discuss:

  • Is DevOps part of their company culture, or did it take “heroic efforts” to push their transformation?

  • How is Automation used in their Dev and Ops environments?

  • How does Automation help them address security and compliance?

  • What DevOps performance metrics are impacted and improved through Automation?

  • And more!

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This live event features these speakers from DevOps Enterprise Summit:

Dominic Faraone | Software Engineer, CenturyLink
Attend Dominic's talk at DOES15: Implementing CI/CD for Legacy Applications

Josh Steckler | Software Engineer, Bose Corporation
Attend Josh's talk at DOES15: Automating Automation: Build Environments, On-Demand

Lucas Gravley | Build Architect, HP
Attend Lucas' talk at DOES15: Self-Healing And Monitoring in a DevOps World

Manish Aggarwal | Software Engineer, Intel
Attend Manish' talk at DOES15: From Chore to Competitive Advantage: Using Automation to Transform Service Delivery
Manuel Edwards | Systems Engineering Manager, E*TRADE
Attend Manuel's talk at DOES15: How Wall Street Does Continuous Delivery

Tanay Nagjee | Solutions Architect , CloudBees
Attend Tanay's talk at DOES15: Better Continuous Integration with Test Acceleration

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