How Are Others Doing it? Join Our "Continuous Discussions" Online Panel to Find Out

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We all want to deliver better software faster.

Agile development, Continuous Integration, DevOps, Deployment Automation and Continuous Delivery  have all evolved to enable us to get awesome code in the hand of our users more quickly.

Want to learn how your peers are practicing these methodologies? What works for them? What doesn't? - Join our Continuous Discussions Online Panel

Continuous Discussions #1 | October 8th at 10AM PST

Continuous Discussions  is an open forum to discuss Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. It is held as an online panel, and you're all invited!

  • Come hear community members and practitioners share their experiences
  • Chime in to share your thoughts on the current state and challenges of these practices in today's software-driven market
  • Get tips and quick-wins you can implement today to accelerate your software delivery
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Our panelists:

(In alphabetical order)
andrewAndrew Rivers An independent software consultant, based in the UK, specializing in delivery of business process automation solutions.
carlosCarlos Sanchez Apache member and open source contributor, speaking and working on development tools, cloud, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and everything about automation @csanchez    |
chrisChris Haddad Views DevOps from a Developer Perspective. Exploring intersection between DevOps and PaaS. Open Source Platform Evangelist at WSO2 @cobiacomm
daveDave Josephsen Developer evangelist for Librato. Dave hacks on tools, writes about monitoring, metrics and visualization, and helps engineers close the feedback loop in their systems. @djosephsen
eriksenEriksen Costa Software developer and open source specialist. Symfony2 contributor. Helps organizations to deliver better software, continuously. @eriksencosta  |
eskoEsko Luontola Esko is a test-infected developer from Finland. He has mostly worked on enterprise software and open source projects on the JVM platform. @orfjackal  |
johnJohn Ryding Senior engineer that's been following DevOps since its early days with a strong focus on the cultural and human factors involved in delivering software. @strife25  |
normNorm MacLennan A sysadmin-gone-developer with a passion for CD, automation, and monitoring. My team makes the infrastructure that empowers other teams to deliver better software. @nromdotcom   |
RandallJ. Randall Hunt Software Engineer and Developer Evangelist at AWS. Formerly of MongoDB, HackNY, and NASA. Coder with humans in mind. @jrhunt   |
sriramSriram Narayan Sriram is an IT principal with ThoughtWorks. He believes that organizational agility is as important as engineering and process agility. Accordingly, he advises clients on IT organization design. @sriramnarayan   |
sunandaSunanda Jayanth ASIC engineer to strategy consultant to business intelligence; connector of hidden dots and builder of technology road-maps; evangelizing mobile, cloud and IoT @sunandaj17   |
  You can use #C9D9 to tweet during the panel. Prior to the event, you may want to answer this short 5-questions survey to rate where you're at in your software delivery journey. We will share the results during the panel.
Continuous Discussions is a monthly series. Want to contribute to the next installment of Continuous Discussions and be featured as a panelist? Let us know in the comments!

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