How to Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation? Join Gene Kim and #DOES15 on a CrowdChat to Find Out

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Do You “DevOps”? Some of the largest and most innovative organizations on the planet are shifting their development and operations model to transform the way they bring valuable software to market.
No matter where you are on your journey, learning from and sharing insights with the community is key. And learning how to scale and accelerate your DevOps transformation is exactly what the second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15, October 19-21 in San Francisco) is all about!
But October is still so far away, and we can’t wait to get started! So, join our CTO, Anders Wallgren and Gene Kim to kick things off with our first CrowdChat for DOES15!
The format will be similar to our CrowdChats from last year . This fast-paced hour long social conversation (no registration required)is a great opportunity to engage with our panel of DevOps practitioners, thought leaders and enthusiasts and add your voice to our global community of knowledge.
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D When: The CrowdChat will be held on Monday, July 27th, at 11am PDT.
O Where:
E What: A dynamic conversation on how to scale and accelerate your DevOps transformation
S Who: Join the conversation with fellow DOES15 organizers, speakers, participants, and the DevOps community at large!
Your hosts:

Gene Kim @realgenekim
DevOps enthusiast, The Phoenix Project co-author, Tripwire founder, Visible Ops co-author, IT Ops/Security Researcher, Theory of Constraints Jonah, rabid UX fan

Anders Wallgren @anders_wallgren
CTO at CloudBees, helping large enterprises implement DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Heather Mickman @hmmickman
Senior Group Manager, Target

Damon Edwards @damonedwards
DevOps and improving how businesses operate is my thing. SimplifyOps, DTO Solutions, my family get all of my time.

John Willis @botchagalupe
When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a Container.

Dr. Tapabrata Pal @topopal
Director and Platform Engineering Fellow, Capital One.

Carmen DeArdo @carmendeardo
Faith-Family-Sports-DevOps. Technology Leader at Fortune 100 Company.

Nikhil Vaze @therealnikhil
Software Engineering. Learning to cook. Hopkins alumni.

Sam Fell @samueldfell
Dad. #DevOps enthusiast. Doing things right enthusiast. Enthusiasm enthusiast.

We will also be joined by the editor of SiliconAngle and creator of the CrowdChat platform, John Furrier (@furrier ),

Join us to talk all things DevOps!

Want to share your thoughts and ideas? Come one, come all and join the conversation! This is a great opportunity to speak with several of the greatest minds software development and delivery.
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What is a CrowdChat?

A CrowdChat is a one stop solution to hosting #hashtag chats across multiple social networks. It is essentially like Tweetchat, with all the updates sent to Twitter and the #hashtag automatically appended. But it also preserves the conversation transcript, allows for back-linking with Twitter cards and preserving the Question / Answer format of the session. Voting allows interesting content to bubble up, even after the chat ends.

  • Anyone visiting our unique CrowdChat link ( ) can see all the updates. No registration is required.

  • If want to vote, answer or ask something, you can sign-in via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn in order to participate.

  • This is a place we can bring lots of people together to have a hosted conversation on social media in a short amount of time (1 hour).

  • Check out last year'sDOES14 CrowdChats to see some pretty great conversations and some of the topics we discussed.

This will be fun! We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are - See you on the 27th!

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