Hello Java, Hello iPad, Hello World!


A CloudBees New Year’s Challenge

Experience the joy of Platform as a Service as we ring in the New Year!  Publish an sample “Hello Java in the Cloud” application on the CloudBees PaaS by January 16th, and we’ll enter you to win an iPad 2.  We even give you the example code – all you have to do is roll it live, which only takes minutes. And maybe spice it up a bit (you can add your own text to the photo above)!

Bonus for Charity
For every app created and tweeted under the #CloudBeesJava hashtag, we’ll donate $5 to the International Committee of the Red Cross!

Bonus X2
For everyone who ReTweets your app link with the hashtag #CloudBeesJava, we’ll donate an additional $1!

Bonus X3
Any app that is published and tweeted is eligible, but if you make your app fun, interesting, and/or festive, we’ll triple-enter your name to win the iPad.

How It Works



  1. Publish an app on CloudBees.
  2. Using the handy button, tweet the app’s URL using the hashtag, #CloudBeesJava. Feel free to post on your Facebook page, blog, etc.
  3. We’ll monitor the hashtag and enter each app to win the iPad. Each RT will garner $1 more to charity (up to $1000 for RTs, but there’s no donation limit for apps deployed). If you modify the sample app to make something cool, we’ll enter you three times. No worries if you write an app but don’t have Twitter – just email me the URL and I’ll get your name in the pot (lisa AT cloudbees.com).
  4. Win! You could win an iPad 2. The International Committee of the Red Cross wins more resources to help the world. And everyone wins the satisfaction of successfully launching a Java an app in the cloud! Read the contest details here.

PS - Meme alert: If “I can haz PaaS” doesn’t make any sense to you, check out I can has cheezburger and LOLcats













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