Followup to Last Outage

Written by: Florian Motlik
3 min read
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A couple of days ago our service experienced a major outage for a day. We solved the problem and implemented safeguards so this problem can't arise anymore. After verifying for several days that the fix worked we want to walk you through the problem and how we solved it.

We are sorry and thankful

We want to start by saying that we are really sorry that this happened and we are working hard on preventing such failures in the future through better monitoring and a stronger system. The team that hit this bug got one month free service, as we are very thankful that they helped us improve our system. Please don't take that as a "Challenge accepted", but we are grateful for any hints about problems with our system. We rely on your feedback to make Codeship the most kickass product out there.


The problem we faced was the vast log output of one project stored in our database. Up to 150.000.000 characters (over 100 MB) for one test command. This in turn slowed down our workers: Every time they had to update the log in the database for this project, the SQL query would take more than 3 seconds.

As we updated the log more frequently than that, soon we were faced with an enormous stack of log updates that couldn't be processed in time. Consequently our queue filled up to the brink and at some point our Redis service hit its maximum storage capacity and denied any further connections.

This was when the whole system went belly up and couldn't process any more builds (although all of them were stored in the database and rerun later).


It took us a while to spot the problem. At first we thought that we hit some database level problems with Heroku and upgraded our Postgres database there. After discovering the real problem we limited the maximum log size for each command to 200.000 characters. This is more than enough to output any information necessary, while still keeping our database manageable.

From tens of thousands of logs stored in our database only 410 exceeded this limit, so this change will affect hardly any projects. When your log hits the limit, we append a message that informs you about it. The commands keep running without any interruption.


We didn't only fix this bug and thus made our infrastructure more resilient but we also removed several possible bottlenecks we suspected to be responsible for the outage. We upgraded to larger postgres databases on Heroku as well as larger redis instances. While reviewing code on our test servers we fixed a couple of potential problems that could have hit us in the future. Sorry again for the outage, but thanks for your patience.

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