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Written by: Sacha Labourey
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Last week, HP made an impressive splash, launching not only the official public beta of their IaaS solution - HP Cloud Services, but announcing 40 partners that will run on HP Cloud Services, and CloudBees was one of these key partners.

HP positioned its Cloud Services offering as follows :

"Designed with OpenStack technology, the open-sourced-based architecture ensures no vendor lock-in, improves developer productivity, features a full stack of easy-to-use tools for faster time to code, provides access to a rich partner ecosystem, and is backed by personalized customer support."

Here is a round up of the some of the more insightful coverage.

The Register:

Good discussion of the HP offering and the fact that HP hasn't really embraced Microsoft as much as they had intended back in 2010. Instead, HP made the move to OpenStack, after only joining OpenStack less than one year ago.

Lessons for HP Box Jockeys on the Amazon Warpath


In this article, reporter Joab Jackson called out seven of the 40 partners HP announced, identifying them as part of the "impressive roster" of partners HP announced. CloudBees was one of the seven.

HP Expands Cloud Services Beta

GigaOM :

Analyst Barb Darrow called out CloudBees in her summary of nine of the 40 HP partners included in the HP announcements.

HP puts OpenStack cloud into public beta

TechTarget - SearchSOA:

This article focuses on the importance to HP of a pervasive ecosystem for its platform, and identified CloudBees in a very short list of vendors who represent, "some major forces in various cloud arenas."

HP details its cloud computing strategy at OpenStack

Unrelated to the HP news, CloudBees was also called out in a SearchCloudComputing article focused solely on CloudBees and a CloudBees customer (this article can be accessed only if you are registered with TechTarget). This is a great article that highlights how ARTstor leveraged the CloudBees PaaS to improve its business and how it went about selecting CloudBees as their PaaS solution. Michelle Boisvert’s article, “Is PaaS just another four-letter word in cloud computing?” argues that the noise around PaaS is righteously warranted. She introduces ARTstor as a company under pressure to quickly take advantage of the cloud’s benefits. Overall, a great piece for CloudBees that communicates a customer’s perspective on why CloudBees is the front runner in the PaaS market!

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