Flat Jenkins Takes Over the World

Written by: Hannah Inman
1 min read

Have you heard of the children's book Flat Stanley ? The concept went viral when a teacher was inspired to create a letter-writing program for his students, where his students would mail their own Flat Stanleys in envelopes to children around the world and in doing so, become pen pals! Flat Stanley has been around the world thousands of times, has met presidents, has played with penguins and much more. Jenkins

Now, the Flat Stanley idea has evolved into Flat Jenkins! We all know that Jenkins is a pervasive technology that changes lives behind the scenes, but now you can really show that Jenkins truly is EVERYWHERE! Print out your very own Flat Jenkins in his "Summer of Love" outfit, bring him around to your favorite spots, snap a picture and post it on social media with #FlatJenkins17 . Then, bring him to Jenkins World - to the sites you see around San Francisco, to your favorite DevOps sessions and maybe even to the Summer of Love after party!

Show us all how far Flat Jenkins can go. Jenkins World 2017 attendees are traveling to San Francisco, CA from all around the globe. You could bring Flat Jenkins to your local JAM, to your work, to your favorite spots around town and then finally in your suitcase where we will all meet at Jenkins World.

Let's see how far Flat Jenkins will travel! Remember: snap your pic of Flat Jenkins wherever you are, post on social media and add #FlatJenkins17 to stay in the loop.

See you at Jenkins World ! (If you still need to register , enter code JWHINMAN at checkout for 20% off!)




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