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Written by: Kimberly Fields
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The CloudBees DevOptics team is happy to announce the webhook notification feature is now available.

CloudBees DevOptics lets you send a webhook notification based on pre-configured trigger events in the value stream, such as blocked work or failed jobs. Additional meta information is also available around work that moves tickets and commits through the value stream.

Webhooks let you receive alert notifications relevant to your work in the delivery process without having to constantly monitor the value streams to know how their work is progressing, or if an issue arises that needs attention. For example, an on-call team might want to track gate failures, or a developer might want to see successful runs.

For each gate that has a webhook associated with it, you can be notified about:

  • Status changes

  • Failures

  • Successes

  • Runs

Webhooks and third-party applications

You can use webhooks with any third-party application that can be configured to accept incoming HTTP POST requests. The advantage of this is that you can use an application that you already know and use.

Webhook indicators in value streams

Each gate that has webhook notifications associated with it includes an indicator below the gate that shows the number of webhooks for that gate. This allows you to instantly see which gates you’ll receive notifications about.

For details about these new features, see the documentation for webhook notifications.

If you’re not already using CloudBees DevOptics, I encourage you to register and get free access to CloudBees DevOptics CD platform monitoring . To get access to the value stream functionality and get a demo, clickhere .

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