New Feature Update: Compare metrics across sub-orgs and components

Written by: Bryan Elanko
2 min read

One of our well-received platform features is the range of analytics reports offering insights for a deep dive into engineering efficiency, risk mitigation, and quality assurance. 

We continue to optimize these reports not only for insights but also for overall usability. Our latest update for these reports is your ability to gather and contrast insights across sub-orgs and components.  

Let’s lean on a real-world use case to take a closer look. 

Assume you’re an engineering director. As part of your multiple mandates, you have to uncover where your engineering team spends their time and whether it aligns with business objectives. It’s the classic case of allocating your resources to high-value projects. 

One way to do this is to look at your entire organization’s commits and pull requests in the software delivery report. Check out the snapshot below for starters. 

You can click the highlighted icon (available on almost every widget) to slice down the pull requests further. The icon opens a drawer to the right to show the pull requests by sub-orgs and components. Drill deeper by looking at the breakdown across multiple sub-org layers. Sort the list by clicking the table header in the drawer. 

A key point to remember is that any breakdown depends on which org/sub-org/sub-sub-org (for ex) you select. 

In the above example, ~62% of the pull requests (557 out of 903) relate to the ‘reports-service’ component. This serves as a checkpoint on whether you should reallocate your resources as an engineering director. It’s particularly problematic if ‘reports-service’ is not a business priority. 

Again, this is one way to use this feature update for every single widget across the different analytics reports. Stay tuned for more updates and new feature releases in the next few weeks. In the meantime…

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