Do the Right Things Right, and Fast

Written by: Electric Bee
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Michael Dubakov at TargetProcess makes a great philosophical as well as technical case for where the craftsmanship of software development must head in 2011 and beyond, and I love it.
Basically, it’s about doing the right things right, and fast.
That may sound simple but I agree with Michael, on the top line it shouldn’t have to be any more complex than that. Obviously when breaking this down into its elements and what it actually means there are core problems to solve with innovative solutions - by equipping/surrounding you and your development team with these three characteristics, you will come a long way towards realizing that utopia:
1. General problem solving techniques that are encouraged to be used in an open environment
2. Core domain knowledge
3. A fast and scalable development process where feedback cycles at all levels are as fast as possible, visible and implemented across the entire organization
Reading through Michael’s writing and triangulating his words back to the many customers we help in realizing their fast and scalable development processes , I’m very happy to be working at CloudBees.

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