DevSecOps Made Easy (Pt 2) - Stay clear of any lock-in

Written by: Bryan Elanko
2 min read

The Sad Status Quo

You must be prudent about what you’re signing up for with a DevSecOps vendor. There are so many clever ways they can lock you into an undesirable situation. Check out a few examples below.

  1. Some limit your flexibility to move your SCM, CI/CD pipelines (for ex) when your requirements change.

  2. They can offer a CI/CD solution as a free add-on to a separate multi-year licensing agreement. And then force you to pay after you’re well embedded into their CI/CD solution.

  3. You’re dealing with a sudden increase in your annual DevSecOps subscription price because you decided to use their competitor’s cloud infrastructure.

  4. You have to learn a specific DSL to configure pipelines, even though every developer within your company finds it hard to understand.

  5. You must modify your internal processes since their DevSecOps offering can’t meet you where you are right now.

  6. You suddenly have to rewrite your infrastructure code in their terms; otherwise, their solution doesn’t work.

This list continues to grow!

How CloudBees Makes DevSecOps Easy

We meet you where you are. We proceed the way you prefer.

What does this mean in less marketing terms? A multitude of things, but here’s a snapshot.

CloudBees can help you transition to cloud native at your own pace. You can start greenfield projects in a cloud native environment while still retaining your older infrastructure. For example, you can run both Tekton-based workflows and Jenkins pipelines in parallel within the same platform.

Your developers can continue to use the tools they know or even choose the best-of-breed tools they need for your complex environments. You’re not stuck using lightweight tool replacements. CloudBees offers multiple opportunities to integrate.

We make it easy for you to integrate legacy systems and customize projects at scale. You don’t have to deal with the inability of some vendors to integrate or adopt internal processes.

Start using the CloudBees platform for FREE today and find out for yourself!

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