DevSecOps Made Easy (Pt 1) - Choose the tool you prefer

Written by: Bryan Elanko
1 min read

The Sad Status Quo

Many of the DevSecOps vendors suffer from a mix or all of the following ailments, 

  1. They won't let you fully use your existing best-of-breed tools. 

  2. They offer no support for integrations or limited opportunities to integrate. 

  3. They make it hard to customize projects at scale. 

  4. They’re deliberately challenging when it comes time to integrate any legacy system. 

  5. They leave you with recurring integration issues when they oblige and integrate. 

  6. They don’t adopt internal company processes effectively.  

And the list grows…

How CloudBees Makes DevSecOps Easy

The CloudBees platform uses an open and integrated architecture based around popular open standards and de-facto open-source cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, Tekton, OpenSearch, OAuth, OpenFeature, and Keycloak. The platform is fully extensible and easily integrated with popular DevSecOps tools.

Choose the tool you prefer for the job, easily plug it in, turn it into an action, and execute anywhere you choose - avoid hassles with instability, technical complexity, and a ‘forced’ toolset.

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