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DevOps originated within IT operations as a means of streamlining and improving the effectiveness of Dev and Ops teams in the face of increasing workloads. The challenges organizations face in a DevOps transformation often get overlooked and sometimes turned into excuses for why a company cannot reach the next level of innovation. This week Gene Kim busted out 6 myths about DevOps and we learned how those taking the plunge are seeing the ROI of Agile and Lean practices in industries such as automotive and security.
There may be “No easy answers for enterprise mobile application development ” but innovative tools such as getting a commercial release means Continuous Delivery for mobile development is becoming a reality. This is because Dev & Ops teams thirst for the shared control, visibility and domain-specific capabilities required to automate build, test and deployment processes at scale. Overall, the value-proposition is undeniable: DevOps is clearly on the rise and is becoming pervasive.

1.Busting 6 myths about DevOps (According to Gene Kim)
“Simply put, all unicorns were once horses. DevOps is how any horse can become a unicorn, if they want to become one. And in fact, the list of enterprises adopting DevOps continues to grow. Christopher Little states, “If there’s anything that all horses hate, it’s hearing stories about unicorns . Which is strange, because horses and unicorns are probably the same species. Unicorns are just horses with horns.’”

Busting 6 myths about #DevOps by @RealGeneKim : @opensourceway #DOES15
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) April 22, 2015 Getting a Commercial Release: Continuous Delivery for Mobile Development , a SaaS that promotes Continuous Delivery for native mobile applications, is going to see a commercial release with CloudBees. This announcement follows a recent and successful beta run of the automation platform for building, testing, and deploying, which featured 6,000 users.” Getting a Commercial Release: Continuous Delivery for Mobile Development | Javalobby: @bendzone @ShipApps — CloudBees (@electriccloud) April 20, 2015

BONUS: Also see “Cloud-based Continuous Delivery platform ships”

3.The Innovation-Driven Disruption of the Automotive Value Chain (Part 1)
“A car that is electric, autonomous and connected is a computer platform on wheels. In recent years the car had started becoming a multiprocessing distributed computing system. By further increasing its computing power to enable autonomous driving and provide always-on, broadband, IP-based connectivity the traditional notion of a car as an electromechanical platform is changing irreversibly.”

Software, #IoT & #BigData are driving the #AutoIndustry to #SiliconValley :
— CloudBees (@electriccloud) April 17, 2015

4.DevOps Makes Security Assurance Affordable
“Despite the fact that information security is a top priority, many organizations face challenges integrating security assurance practices into their product and service development practices. All too often security problems are only detected and resolved with software patches following a security breach.

5.DevOps salaries rise as the skill set becomes more recognized
A new study by website security specialist Incapsula and community site shows that DevOps is rapidly becoming one of the hottest technology career paths.
DevOps -- a hybrid of development and operations -- is a recent field, recognizing that software development, quality assurance, and IT operations all depend on each other. It aims to help organizations rapidly produce software products and services and to improve operational performance.

6.PaaS, DevOps & The Third Platform
Legacy application architectures and processes can't compete with modern demands for mobile, scalable apps. Take a new path with DevOps and PaaS.

7.No easy answers for enterprise mobile application development
“Enterprise mobile application development tools are proliferating but far from mature, say CIOs and analysts -- and forget about a single platform that can do it all.”

8.Agile proves to be a big help in keeping up with fickle users
“New survey finds more than nine in 10 organizations use Agile techniques -- but are they delivering?... Almost every organization is now pursuing Agile development techniques these days, but are these approaches really making a difference? Yes, say most Agile shops -- especially when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing demands of business users. What may have been a must-have at the beginning of a process ends up being superseded by something else a few months later.”

9.Nine Common Ops Mistakes (and How to Prevent Them)
Constant change is a reality for any growing, dynamic organization. Being receptive to change helps us quickly innovate and learn, yet at the same time, poorly-managed change can create instability and downtime. Ask any engineer what the number one cause of downtime in their systems is, and they’ll say change – software changes, network changes, configuration changes. While it would be nice to avoid this instability by working on completely static systems, to cope with the needs of modern technology businesses, operations teams must learn to better manage change by preventing common ops mistakes before they compromise systems.
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