Continuous Deployment and Testing for Mobile Applications

Written by: Hannah Inman
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If you’re living or visiting in the Bay Area, please come and join us at the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group’s Meetup on Thursday 30 August at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale: Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Mark Prichard will be talking about Automated Testing and Continuous Deployment of Mobile Apps using Jenkins. We’ll show you how to set up and manage complete end-to-end continuous testing and deployment for mobile application architectures, all managed and run by Jenkins CI using the CloudBees PaaS platform.

For this event, we’re joining forces with our friends from SOASTA, who will demo how to set up their CloudTest Mobile Jenkins plugin to do fully automated functional and touch testing of iPhone/iPad mobile applications. Whether you develop mobile apps for a living, manage mobile projects or are looking to get into this exciting and fast-growing world, this is a great opportunity to find out how leading companies tackle the challenges of continuous, truly end-to-end testing and deployment for multi-touch, gesture-based mobile applications.

What might surprise you is how little infrastructure you need to set this up: using CloudBees’ “Jenkins in the Cloud” PaaS services, you can configure build pipelines to run server-side code using CloudBees-managed resources available on demand, with iOS/XCode build and test phases running on locally-managed Mac OS systems, but all managed and controlled by a central Jenkins controller. As an example, here are a couple of screenshots showing a Jenkins executor process running on my MacBook laptop and how that node appears in the Jenkins console, ready to run XCode builds:

I also highly recommend Brian Gesiak’s blog: CI for Open Source iOS Applications , which will give you a much deeper understanding of this works. Brian discusses in detail how to use the open source Kiwi and KIF frameworks for unit and functional testing, as part of an overall Jenkins build pipeline. Of course, an advantage of using Jenkins remote executors like this is that you can have agents configured for all the different mobile devices you need to support: iOS, Android, BlackBerry as well as web-based clients.

We will also be joined by our friends at New Relic: come and ask questions and see first-hand how New Relic’s real-time web analytics and application monitoring give developers better insight into user experience and application performance, all delivered as SaaS on the CloudBees platform.

We hope to see you there – the meetup starts at 7.00pm. Please RSVP on the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group website here and sign up for what promises to be a very interesting session.

Mark Prichard, Senior Director of Product Management

Mark Prichard is Java PaaS Evangelist for CloudBees. He came to CloudBees after 13 years at BEA Systems and Oracle, where he was Product Manager for the WebLogic Platform. A graduate of St John's College, Cambridge and the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, Mark works for CloudBees in Los Altos, CA. Follow Mark on Twitter and via his blog Clouds, Bees and Blogs.

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