Continuous Delivery Done Right with VMware Cloud on AWS and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Written by: Kal Vissa
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Consider this infographic below for a moment. This tells us that enterprises embracing the DevOps culture are able to innovate faster and provide value to their customers at the speed of ideas. The road to DevOps nirvana must include adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery (“CI/CD”)

Enterprises are increasingly relying on CloudBees Jenkins EnterpriseTM , the industry leader in CI/CD, to achieve their DevOps goals. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Onboarding of teams and projects in minutes

  • A turnkey solution with built-in elasticity, scalability and resiliency

  • Advanced analytics, monitoring and alerting

  • Enterprise-grade security to ensure compliance

Going from great to awesome!

CloudBees is excited to announce the immediate availability of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on VMware Cloud on AWSTM . This partnership is truly a match made in heaven!

Thousands of enterprises across the world trust the VMware suite of solutions to run their businesses 24/7. The VMware Cloud on AWS solution is a vSphere-based cloud service, running on AWS. It enables enterprises to host and manage any application across vSphere-based private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise installed on VMware Cloud on AWS serves as the reference architecture for enterprises looking to migrate their vSphere-based Jenkins clusters, to the cloud.

Here’s a more detailed look at how CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and VMware Cloud on AWS work together:

The diagram above calls out a simple two-step process for running CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on VMware Cloud on AWS. Once this process is complete, development teams can go from check-in to production within minutes!

There are additional benefits in following the above mentioned reference architecture:

VMware Cloud on AWS ensures that there’s always adequate infrastructure capacity on hand to handle any amount of CI/CD workloads in an enterprise

DevOps teams can rest assured that in the event of an untoward failure in a data center, the product will automatically self-heal and ensure there’s no disruption to the CI/CD workloads


As you can see CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides key enterprise-class features in addition to those available from Jenkins, and it comes pre-configured to work out of the box for VMware Cloud on AWS. With this launch, VMware customers can now readily scale their CloudBees deployments by shifting Jenkins-based continuous delivery workloads and resources to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Come learn more about this fantastic solution via our dedicated VMware site . There you’ll find a solutions brief on the subject as well as a great demo video!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jason Mero, .

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