Continuous Delivery: Deliver Software Faster and with Lower Risk

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
1 min read
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Continuous Delivery is a methodology that allows you to deliver software faster and with lower risk. Continuous delivery is an extension of continuous integration - a development practice that has permeated organizations utilizing agile development practices.

Recently DZone conducted a survey of 500+ IT professionals to find out what they are doing regarding continuous delivery adoption and CloudBees was one of the research sponsors. We have summarized the DZone findings in an infographic.

Find out :

  • Most eye-opening statistic: The percentage of people that think they are following continuous delivery practices versus the percentage of people that actually are, according to the definition of continuous delivery

  • Who most typically provides production support: development, operations or DevOps

  • Which team is responsible for actual code deployment

  • How pervasive version control is for tracking IT configuration

  • The length of time it takes organizations from code commit to production deployment

  • Barriers to adopting continuous delivery (hint: they aren't technical ones)

View the infographic and learn about the current state of continuous delivery.

For more information:
Get the CloudBees whitepaper: The Business Value of Continuous Delivery.

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