Continuous Cloud Delivery Workshop in Paris with Xebia on the 4th July

Written by: Cyrille Le Clerc
2 min read

CloudBees is happy to co-organise a public and free workshop on "Continuous Cloud Delivery " with our partner Xebia on the 4th of July in Paris, France.

During this workshop, we will build, test and deploy a modern web application from a Continuous
Integration environment to a production platform with a cluster of Tomcat servers and a MongoDB database, MongoHQ . We will setup an end to end Continuous Deployment Pipeline.


DEV and OPS engineers interested in cloud computing and continuous delivery.
Basics of Java programming are recommended.

Workshop plan

  • Brief introduction to CloudBees PaaS and Continuous Delivery Platform by Cyrille Le Clerc

  • Creation of a Git repository and of a Continuous Integration job on DEV@cloud

  • Web user interface automated tests with Selenium and SauceLabs services

  • Deployment of the application on the RUN@cloud platform

  • Set up of a Continuous Deployment pipeline from a "Git push" to a Jenkins build to deployment on Tomcat servers to the publication of the artifacts on a Maven repository

  • Automated performance testing and demonstration of auto-scaling with JMeter and BlazeMeter services

  • Q&A session

  • French wine and cheese buffet

Pre requisites and organisation details

  • The workshop is free

  • Attendees will work in pairs

  • Each pair must come with a laptop and Git installed, if you don't have a laptop, we will find one

Venue, date and registration

Workshop team

Jean-Eudes Couignoux Xebia
Jean-Eudes Couignoux (Xebia)

Cyrille Le Clerc is an elite architect at CloudBees, with more than 12 years of experience in Java technologies. He came to CloudBees from Xebia, where he was CTO and architect. Cyrille was an early adopter of the “You Build It, You Run It” model that he put in place for a number of high-volume websites. He naturally embraced the DevOps culture, as well as cloud computing. He has implemented both for his customers. Cyrille is very active in the Java community as the creator of the embedded-jmxtrans open source project and as a speaker at conferences.

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