Continuous Cloud Delivery

Written by: Steve Harris
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From its inception, CloudBees has been about development in the cloud, and Jenkins is at the center of that story. The CloudBees story expanded from there to include deployment and runtime, and easy access to a rich partner ecosystem. As we've added more flexibility and extensibility into our hosted runtime stacks, we've continued to make it even simpler to create and manage the entire continuous delivery process on CloudBees using ClickStarts.

ClickStarts Create Running Apps with Source, Builds, Continuous Deployment and Other Services

When you have these end-to-end capabilities in your hands, already hosted and ready to go, what has become obvious to CloudBees and customers like Choose Digital , is that the sweet spot of the CloudBees PaaS is continuous delivery in the cloud. What's perhaps less obvious is that the growth of mobile and everything-as-a-service is making continuous delivery a necessity, not an option. Mobile drives continuous delivery adoption because of user expectations of frequent updates and because the app store model puts you in an uncomfortable position very quickly - and one you can't extract yourself from quickly - if you ship something that isn't working well. Behind almost every mobile app are hosted services, connecting to your existing systems and to third-party service providers. To be competitive and to take advantage of the mechanics and economics of delivering as-a-service, you want to roll out functionality quickly, experiment cheaply and gather real-time metrics about how your service is being consumed. Continuous delivery -- keeping your software in a release-ready state at all times, and rolling out new releases as often as makes sense for you -- is the way to solve these problems.

Continuous Cloud Delivery Behind the Scenes at CloudBees

So is it just "doing it in the cloud" that makes Continuous Cloud Delivery different from what you should learn from the must-have book, Continuous Delivery ? To be sure, using cloud infrastructure gives you a boost. But what you get from CloudBees and our platform delivered as a service , is a lot more than just infrastructure and application hosting. In addition to having CloudBees monitoring and maintaining everything that supports your application, you get on-demand, scale-out access to as many build/test resources as you need, and you only pay for them when you use them. Your developers can instantly deploy to a staging area, test continuously against your real app at scale, connect to other services and tear things down when they're no longer needed. Management and developers can see what's going on at all times and share the results of their work without hiding machines under desks or figuring out how to optimize use of precious shared resources. Push to production when you want to, with confidence that what you're pushing works as expected, and, if needed, can be rolled back.

Check out our white paper for more details. Or better yet, sign up for an account and use one of our many ClickStarts to see for yourself just how easy it is to get up and running with Continuous Cloud Delivery using the technology stack of your choice.

-- Steven G. Harris
Senior VP of Products
CloudBees, Inc.

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