CloudBees in the News: Open(?) PaaS

Written by: Harpreet Singh
1 min read
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Yesterday, CloudBees was mentioned as an interesting player in an article about the openness of cloud platforms.

In the article , Bharath Chandrasekhar mentions VMware's OpenPaaS as an "open" solution as long as you are okay with being locked into the Spring Framework. He mentions VMware's definition of open PaaS means adding support for the Spring framework. To quote him: "Strictly speaking, one of Trend’s own product lines can become an OpenPaaS provider by adding support to Spring Framework!"

The article is timely as CloudBees is running a webinar on Mar 2nd 10am PST where CloudBees architects will demonstrate running Spring (and Java EE) web apps in the CloudBees PaaS. By the VMware definition we are already an OpenPaaS solution :-).

CloudBees vision goes beyond VMware's definition, we believe in letting developers code to open standards and open source solutions while not tied to a particular IaaS solution provider.

Today, the platform lets users build JVM based applications using JenkinsCI and deploy them to the CloudBees PaaS.

Join us in the webinar to see how you can build and deploy Spring/Java EE web apps in an open PaaS!

- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management

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