CloudBees Flow 8.5 - Webinar Recap

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Last month, we released CloudBees Flow 8.5. In our recent 8.5 Release Webinar , Sam Fell and Hans Ashlock had a fun discussion around some of the key features that ship with 8.5. They also talked about some other cool stuff we've got going on here at CloudBees that's helping organizations own their DevOps journey and release software faster. They chatted about:

  • CloudBees University, our new subscription-based training and certification program that provides the skills needed to implement and scale DevOps in your organization successfully. ECU augments our traditional on-site classroom-based training.

  • Kanban Style View , an intuitive and powerful new way to see entire release pipelines, with all stages and tasks, in one easy to review screen.

  • Tagging on all objects provides enhanced reporting, including programmatic queries and searches.

  • CI Dashboards to track and analyze CI data from any CI tool without jumping to other tools or screens - no coding required.

  • Enterprise SaaS Offering to make CloudBees Flow the most powerful continuous delivery and release orchestration solution available in the cloud!


We just got back from #DOES18, where CloudBees announced our partnership with the DevOps Institute (DOI) and the launch of our CloudBees University program. We're super excited about growing DevOps leaders and practitioners, and CloudBees University is a great way to do that. We're offering courses and workshops that include leadership training with Gary Gruver, DevSecOps with John Willis, Experiential DevOps learning programs with DOI, and hands-on training courses. In addition, we're partnering with DOI to offer an Enterprise DevOps Skills Report Survey that will help the DevOps community identify where the greatest skills gaps are today so we can address as a community. Organizations with 20 or more respondents will receive a personalized team skills profile report. Scan the barcode above to take the survey!

Kanban Style View

Kanban Pipeline View Beyond creating great partnerships and #upskilling opportunities, we've been hard at work making it easier to build and manage Continuous Delivery and Release pipelines. The new Kanban view in CloudBees Flow 8.5 makes it incredibly easy to create and view powerful release pipelines, including:

  • Drag and drop editing

  • Quick integration with all your DevOps tools via our extensive plugin catalog

  • Flexible gating between stages

  • Quick access to summary reports for each stage, and

  • Live pipeline runs with real-time progress status.

From the Kanban view, users can easily switch back into our traditional pipeline view or our pipeline-as-code-view, giving all stakeholders simple access to their preferred way of creating and managing release pipelines.

CI Dashboard

DevOps Insight Continuous Integration Dashboard New CI Dashboarding creates data-driven visibility into CI processes and bottlenecks, so that architects and application teams have a clear understanding of build and CI metrics from the context of a release. CloudBees Flow works with all CI tools, including Jenkins, Bamboo, and TFS to give teams unprecedented insight into the value, cost, and risk associated with every release, eliminating the need to code custom dashboards or jump into separate tools like Hygeia.

Unlimited Object Tagging

New tagging functionality on all objects lets release managers and product owners quickly and easily create more granular, real-world reports. Universal data segmentation is now possible across any object type (applications, pipeline stages, environments, etc.). Tagging is a simple but powerful feature that, once you use, you'll wonder how you lived without! Want to instantaneously see release metrics limited to just QA and Production, view CI/CD metrics across all teams for a particular product, or quickly visualize resource consumption for a particular team? Tagging will be your new best friend.

CloudBees Flow SaaS

Last but not least, we discussed the announcement of CloudBees's CloudBees Flow SaaS offering. CloudBees Flow SaaS lets DevOps teams of all sizes get up and running fast, without incurring on-premise implementation costs, and gives teams developing cloud native or serverless applications a way to keep all their development pipelines and tools in the cloud. Most enterprises need a hybrid solution to manage both on-premise and cloud based resources. CloudBees Flow SaaS seamlessly connects to on-premise servers and tools via secure tunnels for secure deployment automation, pipeline and environment management, and release orchestration across all your cloud and on-prem environments. Talk to us directly if you’d like to know more. Listen to the whole recap webinar here !

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