CloudBees DevOptics at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

Written by: Eduardo Pelegri
3 min read
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Last month I attended our annual DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 in San Francisco. The event has gotten bigger every year, and - spoiler alert! - next year the conference will be at the San Francisco Moscone Center.

CloudBees DevOptics was an integral part of the event and this post will highlight new updates and features to the product. But first, I'll give you a recap of what happened in San Francisco.

Here our Chief Product Officer, Christina Noren, announced the new CloudBees Suite, which includes CloudBees Core, CloudBees CodeShip and CloudBees DevOptics.

Both Alex Tacho and Karan Malhi, DevOptics directors of product management, gave presentations during the event about measuring DevOps performance and optimizing value streams using CloudBees DevOptics.

The CloudBees DevOptics demo booth attracted a lot of attention from attendees.

CloudBees DevOptics highlights

As part of the preparations leading up to the event, the DevOptics team delivered a major update to the onboarding and login machinery feature, as well as many refinements to the plugins, the service functionality and operations. We also announced a CloudBees DevOptics Free plan and a CloudBees Starter Kit that includes CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics. Our new updates are below.

Unified plugin

There is now a single CloudBees DevOptics Data Collecting Plugin. This new plugin has a robust setup machinery that tests for common Jenkins misconfiguration errors. The plugin also interacts with our onboarding machinery.

Jenkins installer plugin

The CloudBees DevOptics Plugin supports the standard Jenkins distributions as well as the CloudBees products. However, this plugin is in all the CloudBees update centers but not in the Jenkins Update Center because it is not open source. To simplify the process for Jenkins users, we added a CloudBees DevOptics Installer Plugin to the Jenkins Update Center. If you are using Jenkins, just download and install the installer plugin first, then you can download and install the Data Collector.

Improved Signup

There is now a much improved method to easily sign up for an account and use CloudBees DevOptics Free. If you already have an account, the signup will automatically update your account to the free plan.

CD Platform Monitoring with Run Insights

CloudBees DevOptics Free gives you access to the CD platform monitoring capability. We announced the availability of this capability in July. Since then we have improved the performance, the presentation and integration of the feature.

Connected controllers update

We updated the Connected controllers screen that provides information on all the controllers (CloudBees or Jenkins, Run Insights or Value Streams) that are connected to a given account.

Real-time value stream mapping

We made big changes to CloudBees DevOptics under the hood. The core implementation of value streams and metrics show improved performance and is now more scalable and flexible.

These new implementations to CloudBees DevOptics will enable us to add new features more quickly in the future. Stay tuned!

DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 was a big event for CloudBees DevOptics. The keynotes, sessions, booth and installfest activity spread the word and we now have a growing number of new customers. We look forward to seeing you in Nice on October 22-25 for the European edition of DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 .

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